Wednesday, February 22, 2012


In fact, amber is not a crystal, but a resin, opaque or transparent, originated from fossil plants. It can sometimes contain insects, whole or fragmented. The colour varies from brown to gold, or it can be artificially coloured yellow-green. We can find it in Romania, Russia, Baltic States, United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Germany, Myanmar, Dominican Republic.
Amber is very attached to the Earth energy. It is a stone anchor for higher energies. It has strong healing and purifying virtues, stimulates the body revitalisation. It also purifies the environment and the chakras, absorbing negative energy. It has strong protective effects and connects the Self to higher spiritual reality.
Amber brings stability to life. It is highly motivating, establishes links between goal and our desire to reach it. Its warm and vivacious energy is manifested by a radiant and spontaneous mood, maintaining respect for tradition. In neutralizes suicidal or depressive tendencies.
Ambra stimulates the intellect, banishes depression, promotes a positive mental state and a creative expression. It brings balance and patience, encourages decision making, improves memory. Its flexibility removes the opposition.
Amber encourages serenity and increases self-confidence.
Amber promotes altruism and gives wisdom.
Therapeutic Effect
Amber is a powerful purifier. It heals chakras. It gives the body vitality. It has the power to remove evil from the body. It absorbs pain and negative energy. It increases balance and healing ability of the body. It removes stress.
It resonates with the neck area. It cures goiter and other diseases of the neck.
It treates stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder, it relieves joint pain and strengthen the mucous membranes.
Excellent natural antibiotic elixir form, it contributes to wound healing. It stimulates the navel chakra and facilitates anchoring energy in the body.
It must be worn a long time, especially at the wrist or neck, or where else it's needed.
To protect infants or children, the mother is the one who has to wear it.

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