Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AMBRE VIE - House of Matriarch

Photo by Stelian Sescu

After a looong journey, here is my sample of Ambre Vie, sent by Christi Meshell, the perfumer at House of Matriarch.

And I love it!

Because I don't like reading long reviews (when I see one, I remember immediately how short life is and how much there is still to learn) , I'll try to do it shortly. And I'll not talk very much about ingredients. To me, the psychological dimension of a perfume is more important: the way it makes YOU feel and what it says about YOU, that is what really counts.

The moment I sniffed Ambre Vie, I saw large, dark halls, illuminated by enormous, golden chandeliers, heavy crimson velvet curtains, the inner glow of jewellery. I saw opulence. I saw Byzance.

This perfume is not for the young and innocent. It's for a real woman. A confident woman. A woman of power. A woman of substance. A Matriarch.

The scent smells rich, opulent, resinous, with a sweet / bittery note. In the end it becomes a little salty, just like sex :). And it is remarkably long lasting for a natural perfume, after 8 hours I could still smell it on my wrist (after a week or so, I sniffed again the sleeve of the blouse I was wearing then, and big surprise: a wonderful scent was floating to my nose... That's a damn good longevity, dear friends!)

Perfumer's description:
TOP NOTES: hiba wood, mimosa, davana
HEART NOTES: frankincense, marigold, vintage broom
BASE NOTES: sandalwood, dragon's blood, ambreine, tobacco.

The ambreine is not a synthetic component, as you might think. It comes from a refinement of labdanum resinoid from the cistus plants in Andalusia.
Labdanum is known by all of these names and more: Ambreine, Ciste, Cistus Creticus, Cistus incanus, Cistus ladanifer, Cistus ladaniferus, Cistus polymorphus, Cistus villosus, Cyste, Jara, Jara de Ládano, Rockrose.

There is no ambergris (or other animal product) in Ambre Vie. It's all natural and vegan.

Here is the link where you can read the perfumer's wonderful description and, of course, to order it:

Thank you, Christi Meshell, for giving me the opportunity to know YOU through your perfume!

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